David Bowie — 50th Birthday (Live in New York) 1997

Какой концерт ожидает нас на этой неделе? Рассказываем!
18 августа в 20:00 смотрим David Bowie — 50th Birthday (Live in New York) 1997

Концерт в Madison Square Garden в честь 50-летия, режиссёр Tom Pope.
В наличии десант гостей уровня Дэйва Грола и Билли Коргана


1. “Little Wonder”
2. “The Hearts Filthy Lesson”
3. “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” (with Frank Black)
4. “Fashion” (with Frank Black)
5. “Telling Lies”
6. “Hallo Spaceboy” (with Foo Fighters)
7. “Seven Years In Tibet” (with Dave Grohl)
8. “The Man Who Sold The World”
9. “The Last Thing You Should Do” (with Robert Smith)
10. “Quicksand” (with Robert Smith)
11. “Battle For Britain”
12. “Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)”
13. “I’m Afraid Of Americans” (with Sonic Youth)
14. “Looking For Satellites”
15. “Under Pressure” (with Gail Ann Dorsey)
16. “Heroes”
17. “Queen Bitch” (with Lou Reed)
18. “I’m Waiting For The Man” (with Lou Reed)
19. “Dirty Blvd.” (with Lou Reed)
20. “White Light/White Heat” (with Lou Reed)
21. “Moonage Daydream”
22. “All The Young Dudes” (with Billy Corgan)
23. “The Jean Genie” (with Billy Corgan)
24. “Space Oddity”
25. “Can’t Read ”